Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Galvanizing Post Treatments & Paint/Powder Adhesion

Poor adhesion of paint or powder coating to galvanized
parts is a common issue - but it doesn't need to be.
There are a few factors that affect the adhesion between
the surfaces. One of these factors is the post-treatment of 
the galvanized steel.

After a piece of steel has been galvanized,
it is sometimes quenched or treated by the
galvanizer, in order to halt the reaction
between the iron and zinc (and to facilitate
immediate shipment of the galvanized steel).
The most common post-treatments are
water quenching and chromate quenching,

Both quenching methods (water and
chromate) can adversely affect the
bond between the galvanized steel
and the paint or powder coating, causing
adhesion issues. Communicating with the
galvanizer prior to galvanizing helps avoid
post-treatments that can be detrimental to
paint or powder adhesion.

At Fortress Fusion Coatings, we are very familiar with the factors affecting proper
adhesion between galvanized steel and paint or powder coating.  If you have any
questions about this, or any other coating-related issue, we would be happy to
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