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September 23rd 10 AM TO 4 PM

O. W. Hubbell & Sons in concert with Di Highway and Hermosa Corporation invite the general public to an open house on September 23 at 5124 Commercial Drive East in Yorkville, NY.

O. W. Hubbell & Sons subsidiaries are Hubbell Galvanizing and Fortress Fusion. Hubbell Galvanizing provides a rugged, corrosion resistant coating to steel to prevent it from rust for 75 years or more. Fortress Fusion coats steel and aluminum surfaces with powder coating in virtually any color desired.
Hubbell also provides a metalized slip resistant coating called "Galvagrit®" for surfaces that require friction, such as stair treads. Hubbell also provides a grit blasting service to clean metal parts to bare metal.

Di Highway, is a DWBE certified supplier of fabricated steel. It is a source for guide railings, bridge railings and overhead sign structures. In addition, Di produces a variety of specialty products such as bridge scuppers, pedestrian/bicycle railings, flagpoles, snow/pedestrian fence brackets, and security barriers. Di is also an AISC certified steel fabricator.

Hermosa Corporation is a manufacturer of highway sign supports and traffic signs. Their primary products include: overhead sign structures, roadside sign supports, traffic signs & overhead and ground mounted sign panels, using aluminum and steel support systems. Hermosa also manufactures railings and decorative structural fences.

We will be explaining the Galvanizing Process to our visitors
before taking them on a plant tour of our facilities. The galvanizing,
powder coating, metalizing and blasting processes will be demonstrated.

Please join us on September 23rd for an excellent informational tour of our facility. We hope to see you.

Hardhats and safety glasses will be provided. Do not wear your good shoes. This is truly an industrial tour.

Note: No photographs for international competitive reasons.

Please see for directions or contact us at 315-736-8311 RSVP:

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